Pueblo Indians

The Pueblo Indians lived in the areas of the United States that are know the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Colorado and many Pueblo Indians still live in these areas today. The influence the Pueblos had on southwestern society is still commonly seen today among much of the artwork of the area, and even in the design of the houses and all other southwest styles seen today. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to how the Pueblo Indians settled in the southwest of America and many archaeologists can not agree on this.

Many archeological sites have been studied to help and better understand their history which can be traced back over 2000 years. The Pueblo Indians had a very peaceful relationship with the settlers who eventually arrived and settled in their homeland, and they had a lot of influence on these settlers, which in turn helped influence the Pueblos in some ways.

The Pueblo Indians ate various seeds and made their clothing out of the yucca plant, which is found throughout the desert lands of the area. The Pueblos also grew things such as beans, corn, and squash, which was not an easy feat considering it was the desert and sometimes rainfall was scarce. This is why the Pueblos had a tradition they called the rain dance, this was a ceremony to honor the gods and pray for rain. The Pueblo Indian men used spears for hunting rather than the bow and arrows other Indian tribes used. In Pueblo society everyone had their own job to do to help the tribes live. Children would help keep the crows away from their crops and they would also help in gathering firewood. The older men of the tribes made arrow heads and offered prayers to the gods before their tribal ceremonies. After their work was done the tribes would have celebrations and had many games they used to play for entertainment. The Pueblo Indian people would do a lot of trading with neighbors and corn was their specialty. Corn was important to them and it was the majority of what their diets consisted of. Since there was not a lot of rainfall the Pueblos designed underground water systems that would irrigate the corn. The Pueblo Indians still live throughout the area and their influences on southwestern society are seen throughout the land.

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