Native American Songs

The Native American Indian people were very much into ceremonies and singing traditional Native songs. Large parts of all of the Native American songs were the vocals, whether they were sung by the chief or they were sung together as a tribe. The Native Americans did have instruments that they played as well such as their Native drum that they crafted out of wood and animal skins, or the Indian flute that they would also carve out of wood.

The Native American people were very crafty and there were many different styles of drums and Native American songs depending on the Native American tribe. There were some ancient tribal songs that only the chief or shamans could sing; usually these were obeisances to the spirits that the Native Indians worshipped. The Natives had many private rituals to appease the spirits and the majority of the tribes were very peaceful self sufficient people, much of what they did was to keep the spirits happy.

The historical importance of many of the ancient Native American songs is invaluable and this is one of the ways in which Native American tribes have preserved their long history. Native American songs were passed down from generation to generation and they told stories of many of the great Indian warriors and the Spiritual beliefs that were so highly regarded. We would not know nearly as much about the history of many Indian tribes if these Native American songs were not preserved through the generations as well as they have been. There are still many tribes that still sing these songs that have been around for thousands of years and they plan on many of the traditionalist Natives to keep these traditions alive. There are Indian reservations all across the country and many of them still perform the ancient ceremonies of their ancestors and there are many of them that will allow the public to watch and sometimes even participate. It is still possible to even buy some authentic Indian drums and flutes that are made as they were thousands of years back and some tribes and other older Native Americans do this for a living.

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