Native American Indian Rugs

Native American Indian rugs have a history that goes back tens of thousands of years and can still be found today in our society. The Native Americans started out by weaving blankets and soon that developed into the hand weaving of the beautiful Native American Indian rugs that are highly valued in modern society. Each one of these Native American rugs is unique and many of them have tribal or spiritual designs woven into them. Many people outside of the tribes that these Indian rugs originated from will never truly understand the hidden symbols that were woven into these one of a kind Native rugs.

The process of weaving these Native American Indian rugs is a long and hard process and when the Native women are taught these skills they need to be taught one step at a time. This starts out with the cleaning of the cloth to the spooling and weaving of these artistic rugs. Native American culture places high values on their many different skills and crafts and to perfect this artistry may take many years. The weaving of one of these Native American Indian rugs can take months since everything is done by hand on a large upright loom.

The Navajo and Hopi Indian tribes are the most widely known for these rugs but many other tribes were also known to weave many beautiful blankets and rugs. These woven masterpieces became a very valuable trade commodity to many voyagers and European settlers and to this day they are still collected by many people around the globe. If you want to obtain one of these high quality and unique hand woven Native American Indian rugs you can expect to be paying a very high price, especially since it is not as easy to find a true Native American rug since it is a slowly dying art form in the face of today’s mechanized world. There are still a fair amount of Native American women that practice the art of weaving but many of them are growing older and there are as many younger American Indian women taking up the art form because of all the time involved.

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