Native American Artifacts

There are many Native American artifacts spread throughout the nation in museums and private collections that have been very well preserved and taken care of in order to help learn and understand more about the various Native American cultures. Many Indian reservations will also have a lot of these Native American artifacts from their tribes’ rich and long history since a lot of artifacts have been passed down through families and fellow tribesmen, in order to help ensure they remember their long, rich history.

There have also been plenty of tools and other utensils that have just been left behind when the Native Americans migrated that have been being uncovered by archeologists for years and will probably keep being found for years to come. The intricacies of most the tools and the beauty of Native American art are awe inspiring, even by the standards of this era. The native people found ways to use everything in nature to create some of these items which today are important artifacts to our nations past.

Some of the most notable Native American artifacts that have been uncovered over the decades are things such as arrowheads. Indian arrowheads were made and used for hunting and they were attached to the ends of arrows, hence the name. These were carefully hand crafted to ensure a fine point and the techniques used to design and make these were quite advanced for these simple yet complex people, especially taking into account the physics and aerodynamics. Some other amazing Native American artifacts that can be widely seen today in museums were things such as the Native American pottery that was handmade and painted by different Indian tribes. As with any other Native American artifacts, you can see the different styles used to craft and decorate these items vary greatly by tribes and territories. There are plenty of other native artifacts that can be found such as tomahawks, hatchets, beautifully woven baskets and many more which can all give us a glimpse of what Native American culture was like. Studying these artifacts have given archeologists a vast amount of knowledge about how the various tribes lived off of the land so well and were such great and powerful people.

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