Native American Medicine

The American Indian tribes used many different plants, berries, trees, and herbs to make Native American medicine, but the Indian healing process was also a very spiritual ceremony. Native American medicine was given to the sick while a spiritual ritual was performed in an effort to cleanse the spirit. They believed that sickness came from the spirit and purifying the spirit would drive the sickness out.

Every tribe had their own medicine men or women that would make the Native American medicine out of different combinations of herbs and sometimes animal parts, mushrooms, and even tree bark. The medicine men were almost as highly regarded as the chiefs and many times they were also the tribal spiritual leader. Some of the remedies used by the Native American people are still used today and many modern pharmaceuticals were even manufactured from some of the same ingredients the indigenous people used thousands of years ago.

There are many people in our modern times that practice Shamanism and the arts of Native American medicine and many people believe that it is a very effective form of treatment for many different physical and even emotional illnesses. Another reason that Indian healing and Native American medicine made from herbs and teas are so popular is because it is a much more natural and cost effective solution towards being healthy. As previously stated many of our modern pharmaceuticals have come from the Native Americans herbal remedies, one of these is the bark and leaves from the willow tree, which is where aspirin originated from. This should go to show that the Native American people were very intelligent people and were able to find uses for anything and everything that they could find within their territories. The medicinal practices of the Native American tribes will carry on for many years since the cost of healthcare keeps rising and many people are finding that the traditional and natural ways to healing can be a lot cheaper. There are many places to learn about all different kinds of Native American tribal medicinal remedies, and these varied among tribes due to location and environment.

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