Native American Dresses

Throughout the history of all the great Native American tribes there have always been beautiful handmade Native American dresses that were commonly worn among Native American women. These amazing Native American dresses vary among tribes and this helps other tribes to know what tribe they are from. There are many different styles of Native American dresses as well; some were made for everyday use while others were made for specific ceremonies or rituals.

The dresses made for specific Native American cultural festivals were usually adorned with other special items such as embroidery or beadwork and some even have special headwear that would be worn with them. The Native American women would craft their dresses from many different materials, depending on what was available to them and also varying by the climate that they lived in. Some Native women would have dresses made out of homemade clothe while others in colder climates might use different animal skins or furs.

As with a lot of the clothing and craftwork of the Native American culture many have turned from their traditional ways and become much more Americanized, but there are still many different groups and tribes that try to stick to their roots and live the way their tribes and nations intended them too, with Mother Earth. There are many Native American owned shops where you can find traditional Native American dresses and other garments, and many of these are made in the traditional Native American way, with hard, honest work ethics and a strong sense of pride. These Native American dresses were never just clothing for the native women, these dresses gave each Indian woman her own sense of identity and uniqueness since many of them handcrafted their own clothing. Many women would incorporate symbols that told stories of their lives and families and they would also add other characteristics to make the dress unique to her and her tribe, such as tribal symbols and animals. Museums throughout the country have actual pieces of authentic American Indian clothing such as dresses, moccasins, and other Native Crafts on display since the Native Americans are such a vital part of our countries heritage.

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