Native American Wedding Dresses

Apache Bride in Wedding Dress

Apache Bride

In modern day American culture it is traditional for the bride to wear white, but when it comes to Native American wedding dresses this is quite different. Usually Native American wedding dresses are red or some other bright colors that are common among their Native American tribes. These Native American wedding dresses are also adorned with many different intricate designs and patterns that the Native American women incorporate when they make the wedding dress.

The reason that the Native Americans use bright colors is because white is considered a color of mourning to the majority of Native American tribes, and as a matter of fact there are many other cultures besides the Native Americans that believe this as well. Red is one of the most popular colors because it is considered to be a color that symbolizes good luck and prosperity. There are many other bright colors and patterns that are seen in these wedding dresses and each color has a special meaning to the American Indian people.

Native American Wedding Dress
Native American Wedding Dress

Not all Native American wedding dresses have to be colorful; there are many of these traditional tribal dresses that are made from animal hides and leather. They are then decorated with many different colorful beads and intricate designs in beads or embroidered into them. As with any culture, Native American wedding dresses are used for that one very special occasion- the Native American wedding ceremony. Many times these dresses will be used by more than one bride in any particular family, and they are sometimes even passed down from generation to generation, and this makes them even more of a family heirloom. The wedding day is a very important and spiritual day to the Native American bride and groom, much like it is with any couple who is planning on getting married. The Native American wedding ceremonies are quite different than a traditional American wedding ceremony as well, and among Native American culture the divorce rates tend to be much lower. There are many Native American tribes that still have arranged marriages as well, and this continues on since many American Indians consider their tribal cultures and traditions to be extremely important.

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