American Indian Jewelry

There are many American Indian tribes that are known for their high quality American Indian jewelry. Some of the most beautiful jewelry handcrafted by the Native American men and women can be seen worldwide and very popular, and American Indian jewelry styles have influenced many other types of jewelry. One of the popular styles of jewelry that is seen all the time since the 60’s are the colorfully beaded necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Beaded necklaces were one of the first styles of American Indian jewelry that was made by the Native American people and they have made these for hundreds of years.

At first the American Indian women made necklaces from animals’ teeth and bones and eventually starting making beads when they were introduced to them by travelers and traders that would come up from México. This is one many of the first colorful beaded Native American necklaces that were made were found and written about in the Southwest of America, now these are the states of New Mexico, Arizona, and even into Colorado.

Another very popular form of American Indian jewelry are the pieces of silver jewelry that are sometimes plain silver, and at other times that are more colorful with precious stones such as turquoise. There were many Native Americans that took up the trade of being a silversmith, and these are the men that would design and craft these fine pieces of American Indian jewelry. All of the Native jewelry is made much like every thing else in American Indian culture, it is handcrafted with great skill and pride, and the Native Americans were a very proud group of people. Native American crafts and jewelry are still made by hand in many places worldwide and on almost every American Indian reservation throughout the United States there are many traditional Native American arts and crafts and jewelry stores. For all of the time and hard work that goes into making these beautiful pieces of jewelry they are well worth every penny you spend on them, and owning a true piece of Native American craftsmanship is priceless and a true piece of American art.

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