Native American Artists

There have been many famous Native American artists throughout America throughout history but some of the most famous paintings on record date back to the late seventeen hundreds. Many of the crafts that the Native American people made over the years were fine examples of their Native art forms.

Many different tribes have artists that do paintings on behalf of the tribes to represent some of their beliefs and morals and to also record important moments in their history. Many Native American artists have also been known to have famous paintings of other well known Indian chiefs or spiritual leaders. Many other Native American artists became well known for their very intricate rug weavings or for a very unique piece of pottery or bead artistry. Very primitive works of Native American art can be found on the sides of caves in the Southwest of the United States and other places around the country.

In today’s society it is becoming increasingly popular for many Americans to decorate their homes in a Southwestern or Native American style and many people are drawn to the incredible native artwork that is hand drawn by Native American artists. When you buy a true piece of Native American artwork usually it will come with a certificate of authenticity to ensure that you are buying a one of a kind true piece of Native American artwork, and these artists and their artwork are also certified by their tribes’ leaders and organizations. There are many brilliant pieces of Indian artwork that capture the true beauty of nature and wildlife, and who better to do this than someone from a culture like the Native American Indians who are more in tune with the earth than most people and their cultures. Other traditional artwork can embody the life of living with the Earth and among a tribe or else they can help to teach others about the long history of Native American society and their strong values. The Native American people and their past have a lot of mysteries surrounding them and these American Indian artists give outsiders a glimpse into their extraordinary history.

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