Native American Indians

The Native American Indians were thought to be the first people to inhabit what is today known as North America. At one point it is estimated that there were more than ten million Native American Indians living on the land throughout the country. They were thought to have traveled here from Asia by way of the Bering Strait and then through what is now Canada. Native American culture thrived off the great land that was once all that existed throughout North America.

There were and still are hundreds of Indian tribes spread throughout the United States, some of them are recognized by the federal government and others only by the state government. There are hundreds of Indian reservations which were given to different tribes by the American government and on these reservations many tribes stay true to their Native American culture. Many of these reservations have their own legal systems, schools and police forces.

Thousands of years ago the Native American Indians had nations and tribes each in different areas and they were totally self sufficient. They hunted the wildlife for food and clothing, and they ate berries and found many uses for various plants. They would even use the animals’ teeth for weapons, tools and even jewelry. The Native American tribes all had a great respect for nature and they were all very spiritual people, not just living off the land, but living with it. The majority of Native American Indians were also great farmers, and they grew many things, depending on the soil and climate of their lands. The land on which they lived and the climates that they lived in had its effects on everything among the Native American Indians from their clothing to their homes, and their entire culture. A lot of the southern tribes would wear just loincloths year round while the tribes up north would wear bear hides half of the year and other climate fitting attire made from animal furs and hides. Some of the Native tribes were also very peaceful and there were also many that were very violent and would steal and kill rather than trade and barter. Learning about the Native culture their many tribes and cultures can be a very interesting experience, and with the long and rich history of the Native Americans there is a lot that you can learn.

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