Native American Movies

Our whole country was started on land that was lived on for thousands of years by the Native Americans and their role in our history is immeasurable by today’s standards, and their influence is still seen in many aspects of modern day society, including the movies. There have been many Native American movies since the inception of film, some being a negative reflection on the Native people and many more being a positive look at famous Native American tribes and individuals. Some of the Native American movies that have been extremely popular in modern times are movies such as “Dances with Wolves”, which was a huge box office success.

Another of the recent Native American movies that was pretty popular was a movie called “Windtalkers”, which was a fairly popular movie that showed one of the many contributions of the native people on our country during times of war. These movies both showed positive aspects of the Indian people, which is a good thing since in the past there have been many movies that were very negative looks at the Native people.

There are also many independent Native American movies that have been made by Native American people throughout the years and there is actually a Native American film festival that takes place yearly on the west coast which honors the Native filmmakers and Native American movies. These directors and movies are very important to many Native Indian people because it helps others remember the great history of the people who once ruled these lands, and it helps to preserve these memories for future generations to embrace. Much of the history of the Native Americans has been forgotten by many people in modern society but their impact on many different parts of our culture is extremely important and should be remembered and celebrated by everyone and not just the Indian people themselves. The impact of the Indian people on our society is hard to ignore, and some of these movies have done a great job in bringing back the pride and glory of the American Indians to a nation that easily forgets their roots.

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