Native American Spears

Native American Spears

Native American Spears

Native American spears were a vital part of the history and culture of these indigenous people. They were used primarily for warfare and hunting, the two most important acts in Native American culture. Though bows and arrows, lances, knives, hatchets, and clubs were not uncommon, by far the Native American spear was the weapon of choice for most tribes.

The Native American spears were hand made and were often used as a status symbol amongst tribes. The shafts of the spears were made of long pieces of wood, and the tips were made of metal. Most Native American spear tips were comprised of copper, flint, and obsidian. However, the material that was used for the tip did vary depending on the tribe, and the region that particular tribe lived.

Most Native American spears that were used in battle were eight to ten feet. This allowed warriors to launch the spear at their enemy, or hold it in their hands and use it in a stabbing motion while remaining some distance from their rival. However, spears that were used for hunting were usually twice as long as the ones used in war. This allowed the Indians to keep their distance from their pray, to avoid scaring them off.

These spears could be used to hunt animals on land or in the water.  The spears that were used for fishing usually had a three pronged tip to catch the smaller fish that dwelled in the streams and rivers.

Some spears were more symbolic than functional. For example, many Native American spears were used in ceremonies or spiritual dances. They were often adorned with feathers and decorated with leather.

Today, Native American spears are primarily used for decorative purposes. They are often bought and sold as souvenirs, in an effort to honor the rich Native American culture.

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