Native American Designs

Native American designs started out as a form of communication, with many different designs that each have different meanings. These symbols could be seen on many things such as cave walls, carved into trees and totem poles, and even woven into blankets and rugs. Many Native American designs can still be seen on Native American artifacts and other pieces of Native American artwork that have become very popular today.

One of the most popular Native American designs is called the Kokopelli, which is an image of a hunched over looking man playing a flute. The Kokopelli symbol represents fertility to many Native American tribes of the southwest, he is known as the seed bringer and is said to go from town to town impregnating women after hypnotizing them with the music from the flute he is seen playing. Some of the other popular American Indian symbols are things such as feathers, the morning star, and various animal and spirit designs. They also had many designs for different plants and then some other Indian designs were intricate patterns.

In the last few decades many Native American designs have become very popular among tattoo aficionados, and not just among people that have Native American roots. A few of the Native American designs that are commonly seen in tattoo designs are things like dreamweavers, feathers, and there are also many people that have Native American patterns tattooed as a tribal band around their arms or legs. The American Indian dreamweaver designs are so popular because they make for a beautiful tattoo and can be done in many colors and have colorful feathers decorating them. The dreamweaver tattoos are usually seen on women, while many men that get Native American tattoo designs get things like wolves or even portraits of a great chief or family member if they are from American Indian descent. The Native American people would also make beautiful designs with beadwork and they would incorporate this into some of the designs on their clothing and headdresses. No matter where you go you are bound to see a Native American symbol or design, especially when you are in the Midwest and south of the United States.

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