Native American Silver

Native American jewelry has been very popular for generations and some of the most popular is Native American silver jewelry. Much of the Native American silver jewelry you see in many American Indian shops is beautifully decorated with different precious stones such as turquoise. The Navajo Indians are thought to be the first Natives to learn the art of being silversmiths, and they are thought to have learned this art in the southwest United States in the sixteenth century, when Spanish settlers arrived.

This is how Native American silver art and jewelry first started out thousands of years back. Many of the Native American silversmiths in modern times come from a long line of silversmiths in their tribes and families. This, like many other Native customs is a tradition that has remained within these tribes and is kept alive by the true tradesman within each tribe and reservation. The artists today consist of both Native American men and woman and they produce beautiful jewelry which should be considered art more than jewelry.

Native American silver jewelry and artwork are very popular throughout the world today and many people love the magnificent look of it. When you buy authentic Native American crafts they can sometime be a little on the expensive side, but when it is authentic that means that every piece is crafted by hand as it was centuries ago.  There are many places where you can buy more cheaply made Native American silver jewelry and crafts but if you are true connoisseur you will not mind paying the extra money to guarantee a true authentic piece of art. There are also many modern pieces that are made in the old fashioned way by a silver smith, they make these due to popularity and income generation but many Native American silversmiths still make a lot of traditional Indian jewelry, with representations of sacred animals and gods being represented in the creation of the jewelry. Many Native American silversmiths also make many other crafts from silver, where they can make a set of silver eating ware becomes a piece of art with their intricate designs.

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