American Indian Wars

The majority of the Native American tribes were peaceful people, except for a few well known violent tribes. After the settlers started arriving is when a lot of this changed and this was an era when many American Indian wars began to take place. The American Indians were slowly forced from their traditional native lands, and they had lived on these lands for hundreds of years before the arrival of the European and Spanish settlers.

Eventually there were American Indian wars that took place in almost every region of the country. One of the first big American Indian wars was an uprising in the Southwest of the Pueblo Indians. This revolt was led by a Pueblo Indian medicine man named Pope. He thought he was being guided by spirits and he led what is now called the Pueblo Revolt. Pope and his men forced the Spanish out of Santa Fe and helped save the traditional way of Pueblo cultural life. This was one of the first major wars involving American Indians and settlers, even though there were many small disputes before this.

There were also many American Indian wars in the Northeast regions where there were constant problems between the Iroquois Indians and the English and French settlers. There were many American Indian wars that took place in the regions of New York and Connecticut as well as the rest of the Northeast. The people of the Northwest and Southeast also had many problems and wars with the Native American people, and you can’t really blame the Native American Indian people since their land was taken from them and they were forced to government granted land. The government has since done many things to try and make this up to the Native American tribes. Many of the American Indian treaties that gave them many rights were signed due to the wars, so for the American Indians their persistence ended up really paying off and the government helped to take care of the Native Americans, and many of the treaties are still honored and the tribes still have all the land that was given to them.

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