Native American Legends

Throughout history Native Americans have used storytelling for more than just entertainment purposes. It has been used as a way to pass traditions in culture and faith onto the younger generations. Listening to Native American legends is a great way to study their unique way of life.

Native American legends often have a moral or lesson folded into their colorful plots. They are often used to teach children the difference between right and wrong and instill values that will stay with them into adulthood.

Native American legends have also been studied by scientists and historians in an attempt to understand the lifestyle of these indigenous people. This is because Native American legends do not only serve as educational tools for the young, but they also tell stories surround the history of a particular tribe.

For instance, as Europeans invaded the Indians territory Native Americans were often forced to convert their faiths in order to avoid persecution. Many times telling stories was one of the only ways to preserve their culture and faith. Native American legends were a vital tool in passing down ancient ways of life of future generations.

These Native American legends were also used as unique ways to communicate within a tribe. Often times these legends were used to record current events and news from the Indian’s point of view.

As with most aspects of their life, Native American legends usually focus primarily on man’s interaction with nature and wild life. Because of these most stories are filled with tales of animals and often make references to the weather.

Many of these legends have worked their way into American culture as a whole. In fact some of the most widely told children’s stories and fables have been derived from the legends of the Native Americans, and will continue to be passed on to the youth of tomorrow.

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