Native American Weapons

Native American Weapons Spears

The Native American people, and in many of the more aggressive tribes, some of the Native American weapons used were weapons such as the bow and arrow, clubs, tomahawks, spears, and knives during hunting or during times of war with their enemies. The different Native American weapons would vary among the thousands of different tribes and each weapon had its own unique advantage over other weapons of the Native.

Many of the Native American warriors would make use of the bow while on horseback, and the Native American bow was much shorter than the bow used by Europeans because of this. The arrow heads for these primitive Native American weapons were usually made of flint or animal bone and it has been said that a skilled Native American warrior could fire off around twenty arrows in the same amount of time it would take a European settler to fire and then reload a single-shot musket. The Native American warriors and hunters that used these weapons were trained from when they were young Indian children, and they were trained very well in the ways of hunting and war.

Native American Bow Arrow

Native American with Bow and Arrow

Another one of the Native American weapons was the tomahawk. A tomahawk head was made of stone and most of the time the tomahawk was used for closed quarters fighting, but sometimes it would also be thrown from horseback. Native American knives were employed in almost the same way as tomahawks and they would also be used for scalping their enemies, which became a trademark for some of the more violent Native American tribes. Another one of the Native American weapons that you might have heard of is the Native American spear, which was used for the same reasons as the other Native weapons but could also be used for fishing. There are some tribes that also used wooden clubs for a weapon of war and these were made in the same way as all the other Indian weapons, by hand and the practice of making weapons was passed on to the tribes through the spirits. These weapons were sometimes decorated with many different colored feathers and even scalps that were taken from victims during times of war. Some of the peaceful Native American tribes used these weapons just for hunting, while others used them for war and in modern times you can see some of these ancient Native weapons on display in many museums around the country.

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