Native American Business

Despite the abundance of highly successful Native American businesses throughout the country and the world, there are still many misconceptions surrounding the economic development of Indian Nations. Most of these myths come from stereotypes that have no merit. Here are three of the most popular myths about Native American business.

One misunderstanding is that Native Americans do not want assistance from mainstream groups in regards to funding or developing projects. In fact this could not be further from the truth. Though some Native Americans have resisted working with mainstream groups in the past, most will agree that a partnership is almost always mutually beneficial. However, mainstream groups should be careful to avoid taking control of existing projects, acting aggressively, and losing the bonds of trust that have been built with Native American groups.

Another misconception surrounding Native American businesses is that Native Americans are not interested in entrepreneurships or joint ventures because they only want to work for their tribe. Though most Native Americans value their tribal heritage they do understand the importance of looking outside of the tribe in order to be successful in their businesses.

Unfortunately one of the biggest stereotypes surrounding Native Americans and their business practices is that they do not want to work hard. Somehow the myth that Native Americans are lazy and not hard workers has shunned a negative light on aspiring Native American businessman. This misconception should be eradicated as it could not be more false. The number of successful, flourishing Native American businesses, despite obvious disadvantages should serve as proof of their work ethic.

These three misconceptions are standing in the way of furthering economic prosperity amongst Indian nations. In order for Native American business to continue to grow and develop an effort should be made to debunk these and other merit less stereotypes.

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