American Indian Tools

In the times when the Native Americans were the only people living in what has become the United States they were also coming up with new and different American Indian tools that helped make their lives a little bit easier. The majority of the American Indian tools that were used by many of the indigenous Native American tribes were made out of different types of stone, but there were also some tools that they made out of wood or animal bone.

One of the American Indian tools that has been found in many parts of the country are drills that are made out of stone, and these can be seen in many museums and in the collections of many private collectors of American Indian artifacts. These Native American drills were used for many different things from making weapons that they would use for hunting and also for drilling beads and other things that the Native American tribal people would use to make their arts and crafts.

Another of the American Indian tools that were commonly used among the Native tribes to grind herbs and seeds is a tool called the mortal and pestle. This tool was also used to grind corn to make one of the most popular of American Indian foods, cornbread. The Native American tribes also created many other things that were tools for them, and another of the American Indian tools that was used daily was the stone ovens they made where they could bake their pottery and also cook their meals. There were also many other tools such as the infamous arrowheads and spears, and another utensil that was an important part of the American Indians daily lives was the tools or utensils they would use to carry water, which were jars and pots that the Natives crafted out of the Earth’s clay. The American Indians also made many other tools such as fishing nets that they would make out of strands of animal sinew, which they also made very strong rope from and the string on their bows was also made from the animal sinew and this was an important hunting tool for the Indian people.

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