Apache Indians

The Apache Indians are one of the most well known Indian tribes in the Americas, and they are also related to the other well known Native American tribe of the Navajos. Their primary location was in southwest America and mainly in the areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, there were also many in Northern Mexico. They were known to be a very violent Native American tribe.

There were actually ten different divisions of Apache tribes that made up the Apache Nation and they included the White Mountain Apache, the Aravaipa, the Chiricahua, the Western Apache, the Cibecue, the Tonto, the Jicarilla, The Kiowa, the Mescalero, and the Lipan Apache. The Apache Indians actually were called the Dine, which means “the people” but all the other tribes referred to them as The Apache, which means “the enemy”. They were labeled this at the time because they frequently made enemies with their neighbors.

The Apache Indians were a nomadic people and they lived off of hunting wild animals such as buffalo. They even wore buffalo skins for clothing and their homes were made from these too. The Apache Indians are believed to have settled in the southwest of America, and the reason they settled there is they were thought to have been separated from their fellow Native American nomads. The Apache Indians are also believed to be one of the first Native American tribes that learned to ride horses, and it is thought that they learned this from Pueblo Indian prisoners since the Pueblos were the first. The Apaches would frequently raid the Pueblos for supplies and valuables. They also had many problems with other groups such as the Spanish, Texans and other Americans. The enemies that they made because of all the violence and raids grew even worse and soon they had even more enemies when a new and powerful tribe of Native Americans started to move in, this tribe was the Comanche Indians. The Apaches kept being forced from their settlements and eventually they started to settle into reservations they were given by the government. There are still many Apaches from various tribes that live on these reservations in states such as New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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