Native American Education

Native American education is a very important topic in the United States and many people do not know the truth about the history and persecution of the Native American people and their culture. Getting a basic Native American education and understanding the importance of the native people should me a top priority in all of our school systems.

Since many schools do not go very in depth when it comes to a Native American education then sometimes people that are from Indian descent can seek out plenty of information in libraries and online. There are also many Native American children that do not even have a full understanding of their roots, but many modern tribal leaders are trying to bring many aspects of there cultures back in order to preserve them for the future generations. The Native Americans have a long and rich history, and it is a very important to the history of our country.

Throughout the Southwest and Midwest of the United States there are many Native American communities and reservations that provide a good Native American education to the American Indian children. At the same time though there are many Native American schools on reservations that do not have much money to provide a proper education to the native school children. Many of these schools provide a good Native American education so they understand where their people came from, but they lack proper educational materials in other areas, such as math, English, and even science. A lot of these schools are very poor but they get by and many of them end up attending colleges and universities. The United States government has many programs that help Native American students get a proper education and they have many resources to help the Native Americans pay for good colleges and universities. It is important to take care of the Native American people that live in this country since this is all land that used to belong to their ancestors, and the government has acknowledged this and gave land to many different Indian tribes, most Native Americans do not have to pay taxes and they are also entitled to free education in most states.

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