Native American Drawings

A big part of Native American culture is the many different forms of arts and crafts that they have made for thousands of years. One of the most popular forms of American Indian art is the Native American drawings and paintings that Native artists have created for many years throughout many different tribes. Native American drawings and other forms of traditional Indian arts and crafts reflect the surroundings of the Native American artists and some of the earliest Native American drawings can still be seen on many caves around the modern day United States.

There are numerous museums around the world where you can also see many different pieces and styles of the always beautiful Native crafts. These are extremely valuable collectibles as well and there are many private collectors of Ancient Indian artwork which gives us a look at what American Indian life was like in the past and sometimes extraordinary drawings of animals and nature in general. Many things have been learned about many different tribes by studying these arts and crafts and there are many modern day artists and craftsman that still follow the traditional ways of their craft.

There have been many other Native American drawings discovered over the years that are now cherished artifacts, some of these drawings have been found on many other things besides the caves previously mentioned. Some of the other things Native American drawings have been found on are things such as animal bones, the sides of cliffs or mountainsides, and sometimes the natives used to even draw things on the ground. A lot of the Indian artists used to sell their art to the settlers and travelers in order to obtain money to help support their tribe and their families.

Native arts and crafts can be seen in many people’s homes, but many are modern day artists that draw and paint pictures of the Native people. When you are looking for true native art there are many places you can find the authentic thing but it can be quite expensive since many of these are not mass produced and are usually one of a kind. Sometimes these will be pressed and limited to a couple hundred and then they are still quite expensive but usually they come with a certificate of authenticity.

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