American Indian Paintings

The Native American people were and still are a very crafty group of people, and they are well known for making all kinds of beautiful arts and crafts. There have been many well known American Indian paintings done over the years and there are many well known Native American artists still creating gorgeous artwork. The artists that create American Indian paintings know just the right way to capture the beauty and realism of the Native American Indian culture.

There have also been many famous American Indian paintings that show captivating images of the Native American tribal people living together in harmony with nature, and living off the natural resources available to them in the regions they lived in. These are the reasons that the Native artwork has become so popular and this can be seen in many people’s homes worldwide and also many museums have famous American Indian art from the past on display.

There are many Native American artists now that paint many different series of signed American Indian paintings and these sell quite well, and many of them are limited to only a few hundred prints, so this makes them become very valuable in the future and can be a great investment for any Native American art collectors. There are also many different stores that sell many styles of American Indian paintings at very reasonable prices when they are mass produced, but usually having them mounted and framed will cost a little. The American Indians started with drawings on caves thousands of years ago and as they discovered new things they found and made many new materials such as dyes and then eventually paints, among some tribes you would see paintings on their homes and many times they would also paint other arts and crafts such as woodcarvings, totem poles and even canoes. As the Native People became more advanced is when they started coming up with better dyes, foods, tools, weapons, and even paints. They learned many things by just observing and experimenting with different plants, berries and even animal parts. Hey made use of everything that could be used to make their lives better, and when other travelers and settlers started to arrive they had even more resources and were able to get everything they need by trading and selling their crafts and artwork.

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