American Indian Dress

The Native American people made all of their own clothing out of many different materials such as animal hides and woven cloth. The majority of the American Indian dress that was worn by the various tribes were at first mainly made from animal hides but as the years went on and the Native American Indians were introduced to cloth and started making cloth the clothing started being made more from cloth, but they used animal hides for some of the American Indian dress and the hides were always used for the Indian moccasins, protective clothing and shields for warfare, and they also used the animal hides for things such as drums.

The styles of American Indian dress changed over the years and this was common among every Native American tribe and the style of clothing was very different among the men and women of the tribes, and in some tribes the styles of clothing were different depending on the stature of the person in the tribe. All of the American Indian clothing was usually very colorful and had different symbols designed and made into the clothing.

The Native American women were usually seen wearing a traditional American Indian dress and many times these dresses would be adorned with different decorations such as Native American bead designs or embroidered designs when these crafts were learned by the American Indian women. The Native women were the ones that made all of the American Indian dress clothing and they also did many other things among the tribe such as cooked, made many of the arts and crafts and even harvested wood for fires and berries and nuts for food, as well as many other plants and herbs that The American Indians found beneficial and good to eat. The Native American women also designed and hand made all of the clothing that the most important members of the tribe would wear, such as the chief and the spiritual leader, and their clothing was usually very bright and had many different decorations and symbols that would represent there importance to the specific tribe. The traditional style of American Indian clothing is not seen much in this modern day and age but there are still many traditional native American clothing styles that have been altered and modernized and many people of American Indian descent still wear this type of clothing.

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