American Indian Tattoos

American Indian Tattoo

American Indian Tattoo - Chief and Wolf

There are many intricate and extremely beautiful American Indian tattoos you can have permanently tattooed onto your body, and this style of tattooing is more popular than ever before. There is a long history of American Indian tattoos among many of the old Native American tribes that lived and ruled all of the territories of where the North America is now and there were also many ancient tribes throughout Central and South America, and many of these other tribes were tattooed as well.

The Native American Indian tribes were very into their culture and tribal spiritual traditions but with so many different tribes that existed throughout history there were many differences depending on which tribe you are referring to. There were many tribes that used American Indian tattoos to represent their tribal history or their cultural status as a warrior, medicine man, tribal chief and many other rankings. The Native American Indians had many different symbols and designs to represent different important things that had happened to their tribes or families, or there were also many tattoo designs that stood for powerful and spiritual animals that the Native Americans had great respect for.

In modern day society there are many different American Indian tattoos that can be seen all over the place, such as the dream catcher symbol which is very popular and so are Native American portraits and Native symbols such as tomahawks, feathers, and arrowheads. There are also many Native American tattoo artists out there, who can design you many different custom American Indian tattoos, it is no wonder that there are a lot of native tattoo artists since tattooing has been popular in their cultures for hundreds of years now. It is even possible to have your native American tattoo done in the traditional old style way of tattooing, although this does take much longer than the modern day tattoo gun, some people enjoy the authenticity of the ancient tattooing methods. This old version of tattooing is also much more painful and to true Native Americans it is a very spiritual practice, since many tribes believed that pain brings you closer to the spirits and gods.

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