Native American Decor

Decorating your house with Native American decor is a very popular trend among people that come from a Native American background, and many people just appreciate the craftsmanship of authentic Native American decor such as Native American blankets, rugs, dream catchers, and Native American prints. The style of decorating your home with Native American decor is considered by most to be Southwestern style art, probably because many of the well known Native artwork and woven goods came from the Native American tribes of the Southwest and their styles were some of the most beautiful and sophisticated of all the Native crafts.

Once you start collecting some Native American artwork and crafts you are well on your way to having a Native American themed home, and you can also do many things on your own to enhance this decor. There are even many different styles of lamps that are adorned with Native American patterns and many fabric stores will have these patterns if you wanted to make your own sheets and curtains to match the Native decor of your house.

Some other great items for your Native American decor could be having small motifs devoted to certain aspects of Native American Indian culture. Some items that would fit into this category would be different Native musical instruments like Native American flutes and drums. Native American pottery is also very popular and so are some of the other Native American artifacts like arrowheads, hand woven baskets and even Native American rattles. Just keep in minding when planning your home around American Indian styles that if you want authentic Native American decor items as previously mentioned, they will not be cheap. Many Native tribes that still make their crafts by hand rely on the income that is made off of these crafts to support their families and also to help their reservations generate income. Throughout history the Native American arts and crafts have been very popular and they used to be an extremely valuable trade commodity among European settlers who were awestruck by the raw beauty of it all. Native American styles have influenced many other artists and styles and this is most commonly seen in the Southwestern United States, where Native American culture shaped their society.

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