Native American Hair Ties

Native American hair ties are becoming more and more popular in areas other than the southwest region of the United States. They allow you to style you hair with colorful and unique accessories. These Native American hair ties are great for both children and adults, though children under the age of eight should not handle the hair ties as they do have removable parts. Most Native American hair ties are decorated with natural items. Some of the most common materials include leather, feathers, shells, semi precious stones, bone, ivory, and beads.

The most popular type of Native American hair ties are those that are comprised with colorful beadwork. These hair ties can come in a variety of colors and be created using several different stitching styles. One of the most popular is the lane stitch beadwork hair ties. This technique displays the beads in rows or lanes in order to create traditional patterns or symbols. The beadwork patterns differ significantly depending on the tribe that is creating the hair tie.

Another popular style is the woven or loom beadwork hair ties. These are handmade using a variety of weaving looms. This style of weaving was made popular by the Native Americans that inhabited the northern woodlands. Peyote or gourd stitching is another common technique for Native American hair ties. Using this style a pattern is created by stitching around circular items.

While beadwork makes up the part of the accessory that holds the hair, other items may be added to further decorate the hair tie. Leather strings with feathers at the end are not uncommon. Some tribes add shells, or carved bone pieces to the hair ties to add to their distinctiveness.

When selecting a Native American hair tie you should look for quality beadwork. Make sure the beads lay flat and try to avoid pieces that have loose beads or irregular stitching patterns.

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