Native American Crafts

The Native American Indians were known for many different things over the years but they thing that has always been very popular are the many different Native American crafts that they made and are still being made to this day. Learning about Native American crafts is a huge and interesting topic, since these Native crafts are an essential part of all facets of Native American cultures and beliefs. These crafts varied greatly among the many different Native American tribes that once inhabited the vast land of modern day America. Some of the most widely known of these crafts are things such as Native American bead work, Native American rugs and blankets and also the Native American pottery.

Before the Natives came in contact with the European settlers the Native Americans made beautiful objects that they would decorate with many natural materials they found in their own area or they acquired through trading. The trading routes spanned North and South America and even spread as far as the Caribbean, this gave the Natives access to many kinds of materials such as different metals, semi-precious stones, various animal bones, shells, and even feathers were some of the trade items. The Natives would use all these materials to make some of the first Native American crafts which were their colorful and unique beadwork. This beadwork was used for many reasons spiritually, symbolically and they even traded them and offered them as gifts to visitors.

Certain Native American tribes adorned much of their clothing with beads as well, including their moccasins. As more travelers came through the areas the Natives were soon able to obtain glass beads via trade and the beadwork became even more popular. Some of the other very popular Native American crafts that were highly sought after by outsiders for trade were the beautifully hand made symmetrically woven blankets and rugs that were made famous in the Southwest of America. The Native Americans also made different kinds of silver jewelry when they started acquiring silver from trading their other crafts. Native American pottery is another example of the fine craftwork that was perfected by these Native indigenous people. Many Native American crafts are seen worldwide today and many are still made in the traditional Native American fashion.

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