Native American Tribal Tattoos

There are many different styles of Native American tribal tattoos and these were different among all of the Native American tribes. Not even all of the tribes were tattooed but there were many that were. These Native American tribal tattoos were most common for the Native American men and in some tribes only the Native warriors would have tattoos, or sometimes other important figures among the tribes, such as the shaman or the chief.

Many of these Native American tribal tattoos have been around for thousands of years and they are still popular among many of the Native American preservationists who want to keep their long and important history alive forever. Some of these ancient tribal tattoos were just crude symbols that had special meanings to the natives, whether they were spiritual in nature or if they were a symbol of a great hunt or war that the Native American male endured.

Among the different Native American tribal tattoos you can find many different Indian symbols that have very symbolic meanings, sometimes these can just be one small tribal symbol or else they can be a whole series of pictures that tie together to tell a great tale. There are also other Native American tribal tattoos that have no real meaning other than decoration, or else they were tattooed on the Native warriors and this made them look fiercer and would help to intimidate settlers and other people they were at war with. Learning the meanings of many Indian tribal tattoos can be difficult sometimes but there are many books where you can learn about some of them, but there are others which the meanings have been lost or never known by anyone besides the members of the specific tribe. Native tattoos in the past were done in very primitive fashion and the process was an extremely slow one compared to the way tattoos are done in the modern day. There are many Natives that still practice the art of tattooing the way they did thousands of years back into history. There are also many Native tattoo artists that use modern tattoo equipment but also still do tattoos of many of the ancient tribal tattoos.

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