American Indian Flag

In the modern day and age there are thousands and thousands of flags that represent countries, states, religions, sports teams, cities and there is even many different styles and tribal versions of the American Indian flag. A whole book could be written about the hundreds of different versions of the American Indian flag, but there are some that are well known in certain parts of the country nowadays because of the many American Indian reservations that are all over the United States and there are also many other Native American Indians that do not live on reservations but still proudly fly their tribes’ American Indian flag.

This is because the majority of Native American Indians take great pride in their tribes and also in their culture that has been in existence for thousands of years, and much of the Native American culture has had many influences on modern day American culture, and this is most seen in areas where there are large American Indian populations.

Some of the most commonly seen American Indian flag designs are the flags of the larger Native American tribes such as the Cherokee, the Navajo, and the Pueblo. There are also many other versions of the American Indian flag that are more modern and still waiting the governmental approval to be recognized as a true flag of the specific Indian tribe and nation. Some Native Indian flags are very simple with just four different colored stripes meant to symbolize north, south, east, and west. Other Native tribal flags have different and many natural colors such as beiges, and oranges, and other colors one might associate with nature and the harvest. Then are a majority of flags that have different animals that were considered extremely spiritual to the tribe and then many tribes also had different types of a coat of arms that would also represent the tribe or nation. Throughout history there have been many variations on the flags of all of the different American Indian tribes, but this same thing has been seen in almost every country throughout the world, especially the American flag since new stars were added as the states were formed and recognized.

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