Native American Food

Native American food for many American Indian tribes consisted of many fruits and vegetables that they would grow, and also from deer and other animals that they would hunt. A few of the vegetables that were present among most Native American food are things like corn, squash, and beans, which are referred to as the three sisters.

These things are all present in the stories we hear every year during Thanksgiving, the stories of the Native Americans and the Pilgrims, and the American Indians also made a soup out of these three ingredients and it was and is still called Three Sister Soup. Native American food also varied during different times of the year since some tribes could not grow any food during the winter months, they would store some food for the winter months but by the end of the sometimes long winters they would run out and would then live on meat that the Native American Indian men would hunt, since hunting was something that could be done year round in any climate.

The majority of Native American food though is things that we eat daily in modern times and many traditional Native Indian recipes are still prepared in the same way as they were by the Natives thousands of years ago. Almost all of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner staples in modern America were foods that were prepared by the Native Americans and the Pilgrims, including cranberries, turkey, pumpkin, squash, beans, corn, venison, potatoes, and bread. Some of the other types of Native American food are wild rice, and maple sugar, these were more popular among the tribes of the northeast and great lakes regions. The foods that most of the different Native American tribes would eat were very good for their strength and excellent sources of nutrition. They used to even use various plants and herbs as seasonings, just like we do today. The truth really is that many of the foods that are common today in the United States and other places of the world are the same types of foods that the Native indigenous people used to grow, hunt, and eat thousands of years ago.

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