American Indian Corn Bread

A very popular dish to this day and also a very common food among many Native American tribes is the delicious American Indian corn bread. The Native Americans made the American Indian corn bread from ground corn, salt and water. Corn was a very easy to grow in most parts of the country even though the corn differed depending on what region of the United States that the American Indian tribe lived in. Many of the other dishes that a lot of the Native American people ate was based around corn, along with wildlife they would hunt, fish, and also nuts and berries.

American Indian corn bread was experimented with considerably over the years as many different tribes started adding sugars and other sweeteners to the mix to make the cornbread even tastier than it already was. When the European settlers arrived the American Indians were making corn bread and it is though that The Native Americans had been making the cornbread for a long time before then, especially since corn was so plentiful.

As settlers arrived and had peaceful relations with many of the Native American tribes the settlers also learned how to make this American Indian corn bread and it became a popular quick and easy bread for them as well. When corn bread started to get popular among all kinds of people many other things were done to it and in modern days you can even buy hot dogs wrapped in cornbread. The American Indian corn bread became even more popular during times of war and times of financial hardship because it was so cheap and many people would even grow their own corn and also many other vegetables that were cheap and easy to grow. Corn is just as plentiful today as it ever was, and it is used for many different things still, just as it was by the Native Americans thousands of years ago. Corn is also a very good source of nutrition as were many of the foods that the American Indians would eat, especially since it was all natural. Nowadays so many of the foods people eat are very low in nutritional value and processed with all sorts of chemicals. The Indians were always a strong and intelligent culture, especially for the resources that they had.

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