American Indian Crafts

The Native American Indians have been remembered and are still known for many different things, and one of the things that they are most known for are there handmade American Indian crafts and other arts. All of the major tribes were known for certain types of American Indian crafts and these are still made in the traditional ways today by many Native American Indians around the nation. One very popular Indian craft that everyone has seen plenty of are the Native American dreamcatchers.

The tribes of the Southwest of the United States region were known for their beautiful pottery, and this pottery is still one of the more popular American Indian crafts being sold widely today. The pottery that the native people made was perfectly proportioned and was usually decorated with different tribal designs and paintings; these became very valuable trade commodity for the American Indian tribes. They would also sell many of their crafts to travelers and settlers.

There are many other different kinds of American Indian crafts such as the also very popular Navajo Indian woven blankets and rugs. These rugs and blankets were made by hand on large looms that the Native Americans made. These particular American Indian crafts were woven with many intricate designs that were made into the center of the piece. The tribes of the Northwest were well known for their extraordinary American Indian carvings, such as totem poles and many other smaller hand carved arts and crafts. Most of the carvings and paintings were all inspired by the surroundings of the Native American people and would be representations of nature and wildlife, or The American Indian life. Some of the other crafts that the American Indians were well known for were things such as their colorful beaded necklaces and headdresses. There were also many Native American peace pipes that were hand carved and a craft in and of themselves. There was art on many things that were close to the Native Americans and even many of their homes, canoes, and weapons were decorated and made to look like a finely crafted piece of art as well.

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