Native American Herbal Remedies

All of the Native American tribes had their own spiritual leaders and usually these spiritual leaders were also the doctors, or their medicine men. The Indians used many different Native American herbal remedies to cure the sick or diseased and to help the wounded warriors. The Native American Indians used all kinds of different plants and roots to make these Native American herbal remedies and they made herbal medicines for everything that ailed them and caused them pain.

When the European settlers started arriving in America many Indian tribes taught them some of the secrets of Native American herbal remedies and many of them are still widely used today among people that are into Native American healing. It is quite amazing that the Native Americans were able to find a way to use everything that they had around them for a useful purpose and they let nothing go to waste.

The Native American herbal remedies are a lot like the older traditions of their rituals; they had certain spiritual practices when harvesting the various herbs and plants. The Native American culture also had many Native American herbal remedies that were used to ward off evil spirits and other herbal mixtures that they would use to detoxify the body or cleanse the spirit. There is a lot of reading you can do and you can find uses for many herbs and a lot of these still used today were the same ways the Natives used them thousands of years ago. The Native Americans spiritual beliefs teach them to respect and cherish everything in nature and this is how they started to discover all of the healing powers that certain plants and herbs possessed. As stated earlier, every herb that they used involved some kind of a ceremony or ritual in which they would administer the medicine and this was their way of getting in touch with the spirit plain, which to them is where the true powers of healing came from. Every tribe had their medicine men and these men were the ones who made these herbal remedies and they also gathered all the materials and performed the many different rituals associated with each, the traditional tribal medicine men usually had special clothing and charms they would wear to differentiate them from the rest of the tribe.

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