Native American Painting

Native American painting is very popular throughout the United States and also many other countries. Many tourists tend to purchase pieces of Native American painting to give as gifts for the people close to them. Traditional Native American paintings were mainly used to decorate other items such as pottery, instruments, and even some Native American clothing was adorned with Native American paintings and other decorations.

One of the more popular forms of these Native painting is sand painting, which was made extremely popular by the tribes of the Navajo Indians. Navajo sand painting started out as a religious art and as time went on much of their tribal culture and heritage was captured in the unique pieces of Native American history. Traditionally sand painting was done by the medicine men of the Native tribes, and usually these were meant for healing ceremonies. The Navajos are thought to have learned this art from the Pueblo Indians. Authentic Native American prints always manage to capture the true essence and beauty of Native life, and all of the famous Native American artists had very unique styles.

Technically you could consider some of the old cave paintings that have been found by archeologists as some of the first forms of Native American painting. These cave painting have also helped many scholars understand many aspects of Native American life and have they have played a huge role in the Natives true heritage. Most of the traditional Native American paintings you still see today show beautiful representations of different tribal ceremonies and rituals. Many other parts of the Native American life can be seen captured on canvas in Native American painting and there have been many very famous American Indian painters throughout history. Today there are many art collectors who collect Native American artwork exclusively, and many Indian prints that are done by modern day Native artists are totally custom and usually come signed and numbered with a certificate to prove the authenticity. There are many pieces of true American Indian artifacts that were painted thousands of years ago, these are usually found in museums throughout the country that are dedicated to preserving and showcasing ancient American life.

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