Native American Art

One of the most important and influential aspects of Native American culture is the beauty and style of Native American art. The artwork of the Native Americans was usually very colorful and symbolic and it varied depending on the tribe it originated from. The Native American art also took on many different forms of artwork including many different styles of pottery, woven blankets and rugs, beadwork, paintings, masks, and also extraordinary woodcarvings.

Some of the very first examples of Native American art can be seen in the Southwest of the United States where ancient paintings done by Natives are painted on walls inside of caves. These cave paintings are depictions of animals that were commonly seen throughout the tribes’ territories and travels, many of these animals were worshipped by the Native American people, and since they also hunted them and used all of their parts they embodied life and spirit to the tribes.

Everything within nature inspired Native American art and they were always finding new materials and ways to create their artwork. The tribes of the Southwest were known for their woven rugs and beadwork, while the tribes of the northwest were known for their intricate wood carvings. Over the centuries there have been many famous American Indian painters and Native American art is still extremely popular throughout the world. When you purchase any form of Native American art nowadays you can find many artists that follow their cultural traditions and still make their form of art with their hands, and these are one of a kind and will usually come with a certificate of authenticity. There are many people that collect Native artwork so obtaining these one of a kind pieces of art is essential in having a one of a kind collection of American Indian art. Some of the other forms of art of the Native Americans that are collected by many people are tribal masks which are carved from wood and then painted and decorated for many different ceremonies and rituals; others include colorful beadwork, and the very colorful woven rugs and blankets that the Navajo Indians made extremely popular in the Southwest.

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