Tae Indians

My tribe is from South Dakota. And believe it or not they traveled to Washington of all places. Some of our traditions are as follows. Its tradition to not cut your hair. Except when a tribal member has passed. If and when they do we cut our hair and have what is called a soul Pow wow. It is believed through dance and song that the soul of our elder is returned to the main land where his or her ancestors lay to rest. On that day each year we celebrate their life with yet another Pow wow. In febuary I believe is purser Pow wow.

Another tradition is our canoe journey. That's a huge deal and that happens every year usually late July early August. Like I said before for the young men it is a right of passage. Becoming a man is what they will experience. It is almost meant for every one to experience how it felt to paddle to their destination instead of drive a car. Like out elders have done before us.

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