American Indian Carvings

There are so many different styles and types of Native American Indian arts and crafts that are very desirable to collectors of art and collectors of American Indian crafts, and some of these are worth very large amounts of money. In the past many of the American Indian carvings that were seen commonly on the Native Americans tribal lands were usually things such as totem poles or other similar hand crafted wood carving that were tributes to the Great Spirit, animal spirits, and great and powerful Indian tribal chiefs.

The most common were tributes to the gods and spirits early on though, and it was years later when many American Indian carvings were tributes to great leaders among the specific tribe. There were also many American Indian carvings that were put around different tribal territories, and this was thought to help protect their tribal lands from evil spirits and enemy tribes. There are many totem poles that just tell the story of the tribe who carved the totem pole and many important Indian families also had their own family totems.

The first American Indian carvings that were seen were carvings that were done by some of the Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest of the United States. These Native American craftsmen would carve all kinds of things out of wood, and many of the things they would carve were important parts of their lives. One example of this in American Indian carvings are the beautifully hand carved and painted salmon and salmon were a vital source of food for the tribes of the American Northwest. There are many places to find and purchase authentic Native American woodcarvings, and many smaller items are very reasonably priced. If you wanted to purchase an authentic American Indian totem pole this can be quite expensive since authentic totem poles are very large since the tell the story of a particular tribe or family of American Indians. You could have your family history done in Native American symbolism on a custom totem pole but this will cost you hundreds of dollars per foot of carving. The time and effort that goes into these intricate carvings is what makes it such a costly purchase.

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