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American Indian Arrowheads

American Indian Arrowhead

One of the most commonly see Native American artifacts are the American Indian arrowheads that can be found in almost any museum you go into and many private collectors also own many of these handmade arrowheads that were very important to the American Indian people. There are many American Indian arrowheads that are still being uncovered all the time across the United States. There are also many different styles and names for all the American Indian arrowheads, many of the names come from the areas that they were first found in.

Many of these arrowheads that have been found in different regions all have different shapes and were made from various types of materials. Nowadays these arrowheads are considered artifacts, and if you are lucky enough to find one there are many collectors that will pay a decent amount of money to obtain a well preserved and unique style arrowheads. Arrowheads were vital to almost all of the Native American tribes no matter what part of the country they were from, and the art of making arrowheads was something all of the American Indian boys would learn as children.

The American Indian arrowheads had different uses and first and foremost they were used for hunting. The Native Americans would attach these arrowheads to the ends of arrowheads, and the sharp point of the arrowhead would pierce and kill or at least maim the animal. The Native people had great respect for the animals they killed and they would use every part of the animal for something, and their bones were also made into tools. American Indian arrowheads also became a popular weapon in times of war with other tribes and settlers they forced the American Indian people from their traditional tribal lands. The arrowheads were also used on spears, and these were also used for hunting and war but there were also some Indian tribes that would use the spears for fishing. It was extremely difficult to fish with an arrowhead spear but the Native Americans were master hunters and fishers, so they mastered the art of spear fishing in certain parts of the country, and the fish they would catch were a staple in their diets.

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